Our story

Twenty8 was founded with the goal of inspiring and innovating
for our employees and clients to unlock their potential and create the best IT solutions. We strive to disrupt the traditional model by embracing a culture of determination, trust, self-management,
and leadership accountability.

gaining recognition
and global attention

In just two years, we have made significant strides towards achieving our vision. We have secured major contracts with international organisations and have expanded our reach to multiple countries through our subsidiaries, gaining recognition and global attention.

a team that brings
cutting-edge solutions

We are proud of the talented and skilled team that has come together to join us. At twenty8, we are fortunate to have some of the brightest IT professionals from Europe, working together to bring cutting-edge solutions to clients.

We are excited to continue to grow, evolve and
make a disruptive and positive impact on the industry.

diversity & inclusion