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At twenty8, we are dedicated to helping our customers stay ahead of the technological curve by providing a range of IT solutions that are designed for the digital future. We understand that to deliver the best possible service, it is essential to actively collaborate with customers, partners and experts from our geographical and services-focused entities.

We are constantly expanding our offerings and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, trends and best practices in the industry, to ensure our customers stay competitive. We are committed to helping them achieve their digital transformation goals and are excited to be a part of their journey.

Our solutions


Opt8mise is helping clients to optimize and transform IT business processes to be more data-driven and cloud enabled, to work smarter, scale faster, be more productive and eradicate costs with intelligent IT operations.


Secur8ty is helping organizations to protect their systems and data from cyber threats, secure devices, control access to systems and data, secure data and comply with relevant laws, regulations, and standards.

Our knowledge and deep client expertise allow us develop cybersecurity solutions such as consulting, implementation, and managed services to protect your business.


28minds is helping organizations to take steps to modernize and make better use their data foundation by providing solutions to store, integrate, govern, analyze, visualize and extract insights from it.

Data’s worth depends on its accessibility and application. The cloud unlocks the power of data and AI, by gaining scale and agility. 28minds helps you to make data-driven decisions and improve their performance by bringing it to the cloud.


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